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I am a theoretical physicist focused on condensed matter theory. I am currently pursuing a PhD at Cornell University, Ithaca. I am mostly interested in the physics of strongly correlated materials as well as application of quantum computing to condensed matter. I will be soon posting about my research interests in a greater detail.

Besides Physics, I love travelling to the mountains, meditation, programming and reading books. I grew up in Nepal, a country full of mountains, so I have a great affinity towards mountains and forests. I practice Vipassana meditation, a meditation technique discovered by Gautam Buddha to free our minds from defilements by observing our bodily processes as it is. When I am not doing either of these things, I am most likely doing one of the following: working out, cooking, or reading books. I am currently reading Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder.

Although I enjoy writing a lot, I have not been doing non-academic writing for many years now. I intend to use this blog to revive my writing habit and as a means to express my thoughts and ideas since I do not use any social media platform. I hope you guys will inspire me on this goal by giving feedback. I will see you soon in one of my blog posts!